26 Mar 2010

my version of vampires!

Has it ever happened to any of you (readers) that when you are deeply thinking about vampires it comes to your mind all different tips of vampires!
everyone has their own concept about this mystical creature everyone loves, especially and mainly because they are immortals, that is the reason most people would like to be a vampire. it's not like they want to become a vampire to drink people's blood, and definitely, i think, everyone likes to go out in the sun, so that's not the reason to became a vampire.
living forever is what it is all about! who wouldn't like to be able to come back in a few decades to see what has happened to the world that we used to live in? in which point does technology stands, are we being controlled by machines in the future?
but that isn't the biggest reason for someone to wish for eternity, no. the real reason is the fear of the unknown!
that is why people invented gods sooooo many years ago! they needed a thing higher then a human to turn to. something that could be accepted by everyone and that could explain every coincidence and every bad thing that happened, and nowadays god feels in for what science can't explain!
that is the reason why there is a god , and if we think really hard about it, a vampire is a god!
The first idea of a vampire is the same that children, and some adults, have of the devil.
a disgusting creature that will eat you and leave nothing but a rotten corpse of what you used to be.
Nosferatu (1922) Pictures, Images and Photos
a blood thirsty creature that feeds upon the blood and life of others. (kinda like allot of people nowadays!)
but that vision has been changed along the years.
that despicable and horrified creature has turned into an amassing, beautiful and forever young teen or young adult (like those beautiful statues of the Greeks, since they only used a perfect male figure with a stunning body to serve has a model for their sculptures), with long or short beutifull hair. Deep eyes that can penetrate a persons soul!
it is the tipe of figure that both male and females are attracted to.
Vampire Pictures, Images and Photos
vampire Pictures, Images and Photos
Lestat Pictures, Images and Photos
lestat Pictures, Images and Photos
well, there is still one thing that i never could find an answer to.
how does drinking people blood (which will go to their stomach) will make them wormer, and keep them alive?
don't think i'm an idiot, because you possibly think you know this but you don't!
a vampire lives in a human body, there for he needs blood in his veins! He "feeds" on humans blood which is fresh and worm, they need it to be able to keep them young and with strength. if they don't drink blood they will NOT die but instead they will become like a very old corpse, they won't be able to run and will be dragging themselves instead of walking. so they need blood like we need air!
our air gos through our lungs to our blood to our hearts and to our muscles.
we a humans blood goes directly to a vampires blood vessels the air that circulated in the humans blood will "feed" the vampires muscles and that will make him strong!
(my opinion, you don't need to agree!)
so the blood the vampire drinks doesn't go to the creature's stomach but to his blood vessels, so that means that the way that can happen is through the vampire's canines! to me the canines in a vampire are the way the creature found a way to become stronger and faster than humans.
So for the blood to be able to be absorbed by the vampire his canines are able to penetrate the victim skin and while they do that (it's like a serpents canines that pour out venom) the blood is sucked by the hole each canine has and the blood goes directly into the vampire's body and muscles giving him strength.
this is the explanation i came up to solve a mystery that had been in my head for a huge amount of time.
if you have a better explanation say it.
now for the sex component of a vampire
there is a lot to be said about vampires
i don't know what the main idea in this topic is. all i know is that i have my own version.
Since a vampire is superior to human, when it comes to it's sexual acts he is also superior.
I'm sticking with Anne Rice's version (since in my opinion Anne Rice's books are the ones in which i could see the almost perfect vampire in) in which a vampire choses is mate and stick with it, not caring about gender, age, etc (which can get a bit way too scary and traumatizing)
i think a vampire is superior to everything and everyone, and when they see what they want they grab it and claim it has their own, and if something get's in his way he destroys it!
vampires tend to go for a master and slave tipe of relationship, of course that they don't use this kind of labels, since that the slave isn't weak.
it just happens that their bodies decide, not them. since the same blood flows in the two of them (considering that one created the other) and two vampires can only become couple after a private ritual (like sex) where their blood is exchanged inumerous amounts of times and the blood becomes the same and it flows at the same rate between the two vampires (malexmale, femalexfemale or malexfemale, it doesn't matter to vampires all that matters is the way one's body is attracted to the other, even when one is a human).
they can have sex the same way humans do, which they prefer, but they had a bit of the drinking blood since that makes their bodies go into ecstasy in no time, so in order not using too much of their blood, they use a human that they lure and that human is the blood supply to the vampires.

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