26 Mar 2010

my version of vampires!

Has it ever happened to any of you (readers) that when you are deeply thinking about vampires it comes to your mind all different tips of vampires!
everyone has their own concept about this mystical creature everyone loves, especially and mainly because they are immortals, that is the reason most people would like to be a vampire. it's not like they want to become a vampire to drink people's blood, and definitely, i think, everyone likes to go out in the sun, so that's not the reason to became a vampire.
living forever is what it is all about! who wouldn't like to be able to come back in a few decades to see what has happened to the world that we used to live in? in which point does technology stands, are we being controlled by machines in the future?
but that isn't the biggest reason for someone to wish for eternity, no. the real reason is the fear of the unknown!
that is why people invented gods sooooo many years ago! they needed a thing higher then a human to turn to. something that could be accepted by everyone and that could explain every coincidence and every bad thing that happened, and nowadays god feels in for what science can't explain!
that is the reason why there is a god , and if we think really hard about it, a vampire is a god!
The first idea of a vampire is the same that children, and some adults, have of the devil.
a disgusting creature that will eat you and leave nothing but a rotten corpse of what you used to be.
Nosferatu (1922) Pictures, Images and Photos
a blood thirsty creature that feeds upon the blood and life of others. (kinda like allot of people nowadays!)
but that vision has been changed along the years.
that despicable and horrified creature has turned into an amassing, beautiful and forever young teen or young adult (like those beautiful statues of the Greeks, since they only used a perfect male figure with a stunning body to serve has a model for their sculptures), with long or short beutifull hair. Deep eyes that can penetrate a persons soul!
it is the tipe of figure that both male and females are attracted to.
Vampire Pictures, Images and Photos
vampire Pictures, Images and Photos
Lestat Pictures, Images and Photos
lestat Pictures, Images and Photos
well, there is still one thing that i never could find an answer to.
how does drinking people blood (which will go to their stomach) will make them wormer, and keep them alive?
don't think i'm an idiot, because you possibly think you know this but you don't!
a vampire lives in a human body, there for he needs blood in his veins! He "feeds" on humans blood which is fresh and worm, they need it to be able to keep them young and with strength. if they don't drink blood they will NOT die but instead they will become like a very old corpse, they won't be able to run and will be dragging themselves instead of walking. so they need blood like we need air!
our air gos through our lungs to our blood to our hearts and to our muscles.
we a humans blood goes directly to a vampires blood vessels the air that circulated in the humans blood will "feed" the vampires muscles and that will make him strong!
(my opinion, you don't need to agree!)
so the blood the vampire drinks doesn't go to the creature's stomach but to his blood vessels, so that means that the way that can happen is through the vampire's canines! to me the canines in a vampire are the way the creature found a way to become stronger and faster than humans.
So for the blood to be able to be absorbed by the vampire his canines are able to penetrate the victim skin and while they do that (it's like a serpents canines that pour out venom) the blood is sucked by the hole each canine has and the blood goes directly into the vampire's body and muscles giving him strength.
this is the explanation i came up to solve a mystery that had been in my head for a huge amount of time.
if you have a better explanation say it.
now for the sex component of a vampire
there is a lot to be said about vampires
i don't know what the main idea in this topic is. all i know is that i have my own version.
Since a vampire is superior to human, when it comes to it's sexual acts he is also superior.
I'm sticking with Anne Rice's version (since in my opinion Anne Rice's books are the ones in which i could see the almost perfect vampire in) in which a vampire choses is mate and stick with it, not caring about gender, age, etc (which can get a bit way too scary and traumatizing)
i think a vampire is superior to everything and everyone, and when they see what they want they grab it and claim it has their own, and if something get's in his way he destroys it!
vampires tend to go for a master and slave tipe of relationship, of course that they don't use this kind of labels, since that the slave isn't weak.
it just happens that their bodies decide, not them. since the same blood flows in the two of them (considering that one created the other) and two vampires can only become couple after a private ritual (like sex) where their blood is exchanged inumerous amounts of times and the blood becomes the same and it flows at the same rate between the two vampires (malexmale, femalexfemale or malexfemale, it doesn't matter to vampires all that matters is the way one's body is attracted to the other, even when one is a human).
they can have sex the same way humans do, which they prefer, but they had a bit of the drinking blood since that makes their bodies go into ecstasy in no time, so in order not using too much of their blood, they use a human that they lure and that human is the blood supply to the vampires.

31 Jan 2010


in my country there is a new show called "immortal fate" and it is about vampires.
first it's like an imitation (a lame one) of the books from Stephenie Meyer the "Twilight" series. (that, in my opinion, are idiotic to begin with!)
the firs episode went to air today, and it was a complete disaster! A complete fiasco!
the make up was to laugh about it, the main character looked like she was wearing rice powder, but only in her face and in her hands! so since she was wearing a skirt and you could see the tan in her legs it was hilarious! (and i'm repeating myself because they are no other words to discibe how BAD it was!)
not to mention the special effects!
you know when you are watching one of those REALLY old movies with ufo's?! and they are strings that you can see moving the ufo?!
well it was ALMOST like that!
it was WAY too over board, like if they didn't know how or when too stop!
the special effects where childish! (the least)
the story line... Well it was like watching twilight in a worst and decadent state of the story!
WAY too much drama that lead to a bad first episode! (very bad)
it is my opinion, since i am fascinated with vampires, the hole immortal thing and living forever! It's a huge thrill for me. I would live that they really existed, and if they did, i would love to be one.
i know it is not all good, it is actually more bad than good but, there is this huge fire that burns inside of me when the word vampire is mentioned!
But i rather keep being mortal and a human, than being transformed into a "vampire" has they are called in this short series, that is passing in television in my country!
i believe that this is a complete mocking to the word Vampire and to all vampire fans, like myself!

14 Oct 2009

Ed gein

About this one i will copy paste the article i found out about a really creepy serial killer, but first i really need to give out mi own opinion about this because he had a mother that was a seriously devoted Christan, and that i just can't let it slip by.
I'm baptized, unfortunately, and i do not doubt that once about 2009 years ago there was a man on hearth that was called Jesus and said that his father was god, possibly because his mother got pregnant before she was married and he was ashamed of his own mother.
But enough about that, because that's for another day.
Our Story today his about a man which mind was seriously twisted by his own mother, maybe twisted to the point were he ended up beeing forced to sleep with her after killing his father and years latter his brother.
Ed Gein lived with his mother and brother for a huge amount of time after his father's death, with his mind putted to huge amount of Christan rules imposed by his mother, and she told her two kids that all women beside herself were hookers, that was why they lived apart from the rest of the society in a farm in the middle of nowhere.
Being that they were adults at a certain point and they needed certain relieves, the only way they could get them were between the three of them, maybe that's why Ed's brother ended up ded, because he wanted someone else and his mother didn't and might have told Ed to kill him, or even killed him herself.
This is only me guessing of course, none of this is proven, it's just thoughts that crossed my mind while reading the followed document.
From Ed Gein's killings there were a lot of human parts that the police recovered from his house were he lived alone after his mother died. From the objects collected the one that seriously got my attention and repulse was the belt made out of womens niples. the amount of women he had to kill to make such a thing must have been... i don't know it's just WoW!
It's disgusting but Artistically incredible! but siriously disgusting was a couch made of treated human skin!!!!!!
Just read and tell me if that Mother wasn't crazy by teaching her sun to kill women, except her because to him she was sacred!
She was his higher power!
His goddess!

Ed Gein
Kill some people, and you're a murderer.
Have police find the remains of dead people on your homestead, and you're a serial killer.
Wear the skin of dead people as you dance in the moonlight, and you're in a whole other world of weird, baby.
And that's just the beginning. When police began searching the farm of Wisconsin loner Ed Gein (pronounced 'Geen') in 1957, they found lots of other horrors, and the world discovered that although bad people have always been with us on this Earth, some of our neighbors can turn out to be murderous, batshit-crazy old bastards who belong only in nightmares and works of horror fiction.
Ed GeinEd Gein was raised by an embittered, alcoholic father and crazy religious mother (surprise, surprise), and had a brother named Henry. Little Ed was a solitary child, pretty good in school, but often picked on by bullies; his mother doted on him. Besides making sure the boys received Bible instruction every day, she made sure they knew that all women except herself were filthy whores and that any sexual thought or deed on their part made baby Jesus cry.
After Ed's father died, the two boys lived with their mother on a farmland the family had purchased some years before, which was somewhat away from town so that the boys could be spared the sinful influence of the local townspeople. A fire on the farmstead in 1944 caused Henry's death - which the coroner ruled was due to asphyxiation, even though there were signs of blunt trauma to his head. Ed got to live alone with his mother for only about ten months, however, as she died from a series of strokes the following December.
Ed's last several months alone with the older woman must have been blissful, if we can assume that he had an unhealthy fixation upon her (and I think we can). He got to tend the woman hand and foot, suffering her psychological abuses one minute then having her fawn over him the next. Apparently Ed got to stay with his mother all night on several occasions, possibly sleeping in the same bed with her. In any case, his entire world (he was about 39 at this time) revolved around his farm duties and doting upon his insane, dying mother.
After her death, Ed simply lived a solitary life on his farm outside Plainfield, Wisconsin. When they remembered him at all, people knew him as a quiet, small, strange guy who only came into town to buy provisions or stop by the tavern occasionally. He was polite but definitely a loner; he did the odd chore or handyman job for a couple of local folks. Although known to have a morbid sense of humor, the guy seemed perfectly harmless. Then people started disappearing.
On November 16, 1957, local hardware store owner Bernice Worden disappeared; when her son Frank returned from hunting that night, he found her store deserted, the front door unlocked - and a trail of blood leading through the place to the open back door. The police were called, and an investigation quickly found a lead: a receipt for antifreeze made out to customer Ed Gein.
When the cops went out to Ed's farm to question him about Bernice, they made an unbelievably shocking discovery: they found the woman hanging by her heels in Ed's summer house, her head removed and her torso sliced open as though she were a deer being gutted and cleaned.
Reinforcements were called in, and the farm was searched. The men found more horrible stuff to give them plenty of nightmares for years to come, including:
-A belt made of female nipples -A box containing nothing but human noses -A drum made from human skin stretched over a coffee can -A lamp shade made from human skin -Human organs in the refrigerator -Bowls fashioned from the tops of human skulls -Chairs upholstered in human skin (he was big on skin, apparently) -A shoe box - under Ed's bed - that contained the remains of various women's genitalia -The faces of women, stuffed and mounted on the wall like trophies. -Oh, and a vest made from a woman's tanned & cured skin, which Ed often wore at night pretending to be his dead mother. Ed Gein
...And there was plenty more. Ed Gein was brought in for a lengthy interrogation, while the town of Plainfield went into shock as local newspapers recounted the gruesome discoveries. Interestingly, however, Ed admitted to only two murders: Bernice Worden, and another woman, the owner of the tavern where Ed often stopped for a beer. Where did he get the other corpses? Why, he dug them up from the local cemetary, of course - a hobby he had been pursuing for a few years, perhaps as far back as his mother's death.
Ed was put away, not in prison, but in a mental institution. Not long after his arrest, somebody burned his home to the ground (much to the delight of the local townspeople). His property was auctioned off to a developer. And Ed's car - the trunk of which had apparently been used to haul some of his projects - was bought by a carnival entrepreneur, who displayed it to paying crowds for years afterward, to his great profit. For a while, anyway - before long citizen protests had run him out of fairs and carnivals all over the state, forcing him to head to parts unknown (probably the South) to stay in business.
Ed Gein died in a sanitarium in 1984, having spent the previous few decades locked away from polite society. In that time, however, his legend grew, and he became something of a poster child for the macabre - even if most folks didn't quite remember his name, or know all the details of his story. Ed's misdeeds inspired plenty of pop culture fare: novel Psycho by fellow Wisconsinian Robert Bloch, which was made into the celebrated Hitchcock movie; Tobe Hooper's film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; and later, the character of Hannibal Lecter, the cannibal genius from the film Silence of the Lambs. Among others, of course. For writers and creators of horror fiction, Ed's nocturnal career has been a rich goldmine of death and terror and depravity.
Ed Gein was a monster, and more disturbingly, he was a monster who lived a quiet, anonymous life among the people of his hometown. Ultimately, Ed's legacy rests with the unease we all have about the strange, the outcasts, the quiet loners. Certainly, the great majority of these people are completely decent, harmless folks. But... we dare not examine their doings too closely, because what we discover may be horrible enough to fuel our nightmares for many years to come.

22 Aug 2009

Elizabeth Bathery

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write on this blog, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

I would like to talk about innumerous things so I think I’ll do just that.

So maybe my most recent though is Elisabeth Bathery, a countess from the Hungary royalty, because I happened to see a documentary about vampires, unfortunately I caught it in the middle.

For those who do not know, Elizabeth was more than is described on the internet and on websites like Wikipedia, at least what I saw on that documentary showed much more than what I’ve read.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory Pictures, Images and Photos

Like Vladimir, Elizabeth was one of the historical characters that inspired Bram Stocker on his “Dracula” book. She, in her decade time and far more, was the devil.

This is the 16th century we are talking about, there was so much discrimination and she managed, has a women form nobility, to get pregnant before she got married and she was hidden to keep the child a secret and give it away. She got married even though she was a lesbian, the other thing so much criticized by the church and god’s religion.

She was a human obsessed with beauty and youth so she had three personal maids that took care of her beauty -hair, nails, skin- so one day when one of the maid hurt her while doing her job and Elizabeth hit het and (in the movie) the ring she wearing cut the maid and her blood went to the Imperatriz’s hand and she spread it like if it was a cream being applied on the skin, and apparently, that was the moment that made it all happen.

Surrounded by her butler and those three maids, she started doing what she was to be known for.

The word was spread in the near villages that she, Elizabeth was giving free lessons for young (and since they are young they’re suppose to be virgins) girl so that they would learn how to be real ladies, that she was giving them etiquette classes, but the truth was that she was, indeed, killing them and extracting their blood so that she could bath in the virgins blood, sometime with the corpse in there has well, that she thought that it could give her eternal youth.

Bathory Pictures, Images and PhotosElizabeth Bathory Pictures, Images and Photos

But just bathing in the blood wasn’t enough; she would drink it and even torture her maids like biting them in the harms and pulling out flesh. Her husband was the one who taught her innumerous ways of human torture like putting needles under someone’s nails and things of that sort.

She ended up killing hundreds of girls, with people suspecting about what she was doing, but none dared to stop her.

This went on for ten years and when she didn’t have any more poor girls she could kill, she committed a mistake, she went after a young women that was a nobler has well and killing her was her death has well, since the parents made sure justice was made, her accomplices were killed and since she couldn’t be killed she was sent to spend the rest of her like stuck, alone, in her own castle.

She ended up dying in 1614, being considered the first serial killer in history.Cachtice Castle Pictures, Images and Photos